Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where's My Money Going?

I am getting excited. Next week starts the revealing of the Hallmark Finalists for the Father's Day Card Competition. I selected my charity today that will receive a $250 donation. I chose Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. They are such a wonderful organization. I hope to participate as a photographer in another year or so. I think I woudl be too much of an emotional wreck to do it right now with the kids being so young. If you have never checked our their website, take a look. Keep in mind you more than likely will start crying, I do every time I visit. The provide such a wonderful service for parents. I will keep everyone posted on when my card makes its grand enterance on Hallmark's website. You can check out the Mother's Day finalists right here.

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laceymiller84 said...

I am such a wreck right now....NILMDTS is such a touching organization. I am seriously beside myself. I had to close the page and stop reading the stories. Those photographers have to be the bravest people ever. I can't even imagine. I am glad that you picked them to receive your donation.