Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Protected Pictures

This is not something that I have looked forward to posting on my blog, but I feel that it is necessary. All photographs taken at your photo session are federally protected by U.S. Federal Copyright Laws. There are several protections put in to place to prevent them from being copied any where else. All prints taken at your session need to be ordered through Little Wonders Photography and I send them out to be printed at a professional lab. This helps to control the quality that my images present as most local print places do not have calibrated printers.

Any photo ordered 8x10 or smaller is printed on slightly textured professional paper that when scanned the print will not be usable. Each photo also comes with a sticker of authenticity on the back of the photo. These are acid free stickers and they protect photographs from being taken to a local printer and scanned and printed. Labs will not allow you to print them. If you try to remove the stickers it will bend and ruin your photo. These efforts are all in place to protect photographers.

I appreciate your respect for the quality that professional images present. This is something that I feel very passionate about and I would be happy to discuss it in more detail if anyone has questions.


Summer said...

very well stated. i agree wholeheartedly.
would someone scan a picasso?

Janiece said...

Thanks for the info--very interesting! Great reminder for all of us.

Kimberly Kyle said...

Great idea. I may do a post like this too.

Amanda Trumper said...

I agree, well stated. Thanks for posting this