Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall is here!

As much as I dread the cold winters, poor lighting and lack of photo opportunities it brings, I do love fall. As a matter of fact, it's my favorite season. We spent the day yesterday with "Aunt Becky" at the apple orchard and walking the trails at a local metro park. My goal for the day was to get a good picture of him with candy or an apple for a contest. We had a great day. Attempted a pic with some rock candy on a stick. That was a lime green slimy mess and included a huge fit when I took it away. Caramel apples are just too messy so we went with a plain old single apple. The bees were way too much at the apple orchard, and after Jonathan's first bee sting, I have also developed a fear of bees. So we brought the apple with us to Indian Springs where we decided to walk the 3.8 mile nature trail. He was so good. Loved looking around at the streams, spotting airplanes, and looking at the leaves, bridges and woods. Played with his sword, had some dried veggies, and learned how to blow bubbles himself. I found what I thought was a great place for him to eat his apple, and he got up, walked off and sat in the middle of the trail to eat it. He is much better at coming up with ideas than I am. Spent the last mile sound asleep. Here's to a good day.

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